Продается завод лифтового оборудования в Московской области

Производство Строительство
Направление бизнеса: 
Завод лифтового оборудования (производство пассажирских лифтов, в том числе бизнес класса).

Направления деятельности:
- Производство лифтов по индивидуальным заказам на базе импортных комплектующих;
- Монтаж, наладка и сдача в эксплуатацию лифтов и эскалаторов всех систем и назначений; 
- Поставка лифтового и эскалаторного оборудования отечественного и импортного производства;
- Замена лифта;
- Техническое обслуживание лифтов;
- Модернизация;
- Капитальный ремонт лифтов;
- Ремонт и обслуживание эскалаторов;
- Разработка проектов на замену и на монтаж;
- Обрамление дверей шахты лифта;
- Установка во вновь строящихся и существующих зданиях;
- Демонтаж и утилизация демонтированного оборудования; 
- Лифт под ключ. 

Московская область. 

223 000 000 руб. 

Чистая прибыль: 
45 000 000 руб/год (2019) 

Компания работает на рынке лифтового оборудования с 2000 года, имеет собственное производство с 2005 года более, чем на 4 тыс. м.

Компания укомплектована штатом персонала и производит работы под ключ (проектирование, изготовление, поставка, монтаж, проведение пусконаладочных работ и сдача РосТехНадзору).

Выпускаемая продукция:
- Панорамные лифты;
- Грузовые лифты;
- Больничные лифты;
- Автомобильные лифты;
- Малые грузовые подъемники.

Базовая информация: 
- Действующий бизнес; 
- Возраст бизнеса - 20 лет; 
- Причина продажи - смена производственного бизнеса на арендный; 
- Текущая загруженность - 50%.

- Земельный участок 4094 м2;
- Трансформаторная подстанция (2 МВт);
- Цех 1 (1384 м2) - Цех 2 (2719 м2);
- Производственное оборудование (2 лазерных станка с ЧПУ для раскроя металла, 2 листогиба, гильотина, маятниковые пилы, 6 оборудованных сварочных постов, пост порошковой окраски, 5 автомобилей, инструменты);
- Юридическое лицо (100% доли).

28 чел. 

Организационно правовая форма: 
Общество с ограниченной ответственностью. 

- Земельный участок 4094 м2; 
- Цех 1 (1384 м2); 
- Цех 2 (2719 м2); 

Количество собственников: 
1 собственник. 

Компания укомплектована штатом персонала и производит работы под ключ (проектирование, изготовление, поставка, монтаж, проведение пусконаладочных работ и сдача РосТехНадзору). 

Доля продажи: 

Потенциал для развития: 
Производство обладает свободными площадями и запасом неиспользованных электрических мощностей.

Stalnoi Kanat in sale talks, expects COVID-19 to boost revenues, adviser says.

- May cancel sale process if demand skyrockets
- May interest Mogilevliftmash
- Will keep business if deal folds

Stalnoi Kanat, a Russian elevator manufacturer and related service provider, is in early-stage sale talks with three unidentied buyers, Marina Borisyuk of ITP Group, the company’s retained adviser, said.

Stalnoi Kanat (Steel Cord) expects to benet from the unfolding pandemic of the novel coronavirus in Russia as it plans to supply its hospital elevators product line to new hospitals being built by the government to tackle the outbreak, she said. The Ministry of Defense of Russia alone plans to build 16 new permanent hospitals with a total worth of RUB 8.8bn (USD 118m) by 15 May, local media reported last week. The Government of Moscow is also building a permanent lazaretto with around 250 intensive care units to treat patients infected by COVID-19, according to another local media report.

Stalnoi Kanat is actively monitoring the existing and other possible new hospital construction projects, Borisyuk said, without elaborating. It may at least double its revenues if the government chooses it as a supplier of its new projects, she further added. It may even cancel the sale talks if the number of new hospitals will continue to grow exponentially, driving its sales up, she said. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Russia is steadily growing and had surpassed 27,000 as of 16 April; there have been over 200 fatalities due to complications of the coronavirus since the beginning of the outbreak in March, ofcial data reads.

The company may interest its bigger Belarus-based peer Mogilevliftmash (MLM) looking to expand in Russia, Borisyuk speculated. MLM reported BYR 545m (USD 223m) in 2019 revenues. It exports 75% of its output to Russia and seeks new inorganic opportunities to further grow its business in country, this news service reported in September 2019, citing a spokesperson of MLM.

MLM did not respond to requests for comment.

Local entrepreneur Lev Shnyr, the CEO and sole owner of the Moscow-based Stalnoi Kanat, has been looking to switch to the more relaxed real estate leasing business and devote more time to yachting, his hobby, Borisyuk said, citing the reason for the sale. Shnyr plans to invest the proceeds from the sale of Stalnoi Kanat to his new venture, she added. Stalnoi Kanat is conducting talks with potential buyers remotely to escape possible contagion, she added, without naming them. The company plans to nalize the sale in 1H20, but expects that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic may force it to postpone the deal to the end of 2020, she said. It may hire an outside legal adviser to help it structure the future deal, she said.

Stalnoi Kanat includes ve subsidiaries generating RUB 329m (USD 4.4m) in cumulative annual revenues, nearly at year-on-year, Borisyuk said. The group’s main asset is the Moscow region-based elevator producer Soyuz-Lift, she said. The internal valuation of Soyuz-Lift includes its production assets and intellectual property and totals RUB 223.5m (USD 3m), she said, without disclosing its nancials. Stalnoi Kanat and its subsidiaries did not undergo an independent external valuation, she said. They are ready to be assessed if requested by a potential buyer, she said. The company wants to hear from all kinds of interested buyers and ready to discuss its value with such suitors when they arise, she said.

If Stalnoi Kanat fails to sell the entire business, it may divest only Soyuz-Lift for USD 3m as an equally attractive option, Borisyuk said. In that case, it will focus on developing its remaining subsidiaries involved in more protable design, installation and service businesses, she said. If it fails to sell both Stalnoi Kanat and Soyuz-Lift, it will continue functioning as before as the company does not need outside investment to continue its business as usual, she said, without disclosing its cash runway.

Founded in 2000, Stalnoi Kanat employs 48 personnel, Borisyuk said. The Russian lifting-equipment market grew by 0.5% to 39,200 units worth RUB 34.7bn (USD 466m) in 2017, sector tracker IndexBox Russia reported in research released last year. Stalnoi Kanat’s Russian competitors include Scherbinsky and Karacharovsky, Borisyuk said.

Источник: Mergermarket